Power bar chuck (Inner clamping type)
Pull-down structure

Stable gripping while pulling in the workpiece.
Stable machining is possible by accurately attaching the work piece to the chuck end face.


unit PBN-6 PBN-8
Jaw stroke mm Φ4.2 Φ7.2
Pin stroke mm 10 10
Workpiece diameter Max. mm Φ171 Φ189
Workpiece Diameter Min. mm Φ27 Φ60
Maximum gripping force KN 24.46 44.10
Allowable cylinder thrust KN 14.71 24.50
Allowable maximum rotation speed min-1 3,000 4,500
GD2 N・m2 2.84 6.47
Mass kg 16 28
Applicable cylinder RNKP 105- 15 RNKP 105- 15