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About Link Sites

The contents of the websites of third parties other than the Company that are linked to or from the Website ("Linked Sites") are the responsibility of the respective companies. Please follow the terms and conditions of use, copyrights, and other legal provisions of the respective websites when using the Linked Sites. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of the Linked Sites or for any damages resulting from the use of the Linked Sites.


About CAD data (Model)

  • 1. Some details in the shape data may be simplified to reduce the size.
  • 2. Shapes that are unnecessary for layout studies,Such as chamfers,Corner rs,Draft slopes,Threaded portions,and detailed shapes of screw heads,are omitted.
  • 3. Please use the model of CAD data only for design study.
  • 4. The contents of the CAD data may be changed without notice due to product improvements or other reasons.
  • 5. The CAD data does not guarantee the specifications of our products,and any damage caused by the use of the CAD data is not covered by our compensation.