Line Up

Chucking Solutions

In addition to the three general-purpose power chucks, we offer a wide variety of chucks that can be used for various workpiece shapes and operating conditions.

Rotating Solutions

The NC rotary tables are equipped with our proprietary high-rigidity precision bearings and high clamping force brakes.

Holding Solutions

Various peripheral equipment with "Holding solutions" essential for rotary machining of shafts that are prone to deformation and resonance.

Connecting Solutions

We propose to improve productivity by automating "grabbing," "turning," and "supporting" through system integration using robots.

Special Products

The combination of "Chucking solutions", "Rotating solutions", and "Holding solutions" techniques is used to meet customer needs.

Element parts

Our proprietary diaphragm brakes, ott worm wheels, and various compatible rotary joints are installed on our NC rotary tables.

Discontinued product

This is a list of discontinued products and replacements.