Closed center power operated chuck (auto exchange chuck) 
Automatic set up

Power chucks and scroll chucks are available.
These chucks are suitable for high-mix low-volume production and automated operation.


unit ACC-5-01 ACCA8-12 ACCA11-15 ACCA11-24
Chuck Diameter/Type (inches) 5 12 15 24
Max. operating speed min-1 6,000 2,500 1,500 1,300
Jaw stroke mm Φ4.4 - - -
Maximum gripping force KN 19.6 - - -
Mass kg 6.5 100 166 595
Applicable cylinder RNW81-16 RNKP 200- 35 RNKP 150- 35 RNKP 200- 50
Short taper type (JIS B 6109) or straight fitting type can be selected according to the shape of the spindle end of the mounting machine.
Draw screw (F) sizes other than those shown in the table above can also be selected. Please contact us for details.