Interview with our president appeared in "Newsweek International Edition" and "THE WORLDFOLIO" (international media).

An interview with Kaname Matsumoto, President and CEO of our company, was featured in the May 19, 2023 issue of Newsweek International, a weekly magazine published by Newsweek, Inc. of the United States, and on THE WORLDFOLIO, the website of the overseas media company The Worldfolio.
In the interview, he talked about the history of Matsumoto Machine Industry, our solutions, and future business.
Please take a look.

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Newsweek International Edition
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The Worldfolio, Inc.
The Worldfolio is a media company that interviews and publishes articles on the business, corporate structure, and management mindset of corporate leaders, economists, and others who are expanding their businesses internationally. It is headquartered in Singapore.

Newsweek, Inc.
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