Automatic set up exchange Robot System
Large frame

Package robot system for automation of machine tools (machining centers, lathes, cylindrical grinders, etc.)
24 hours a day, 24 hours a day," enabling up to 8 unmanned changeovers in the 15-hour period from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

Do you have any of these problems?
We want to automate, but we don't know how to do it.
We can not automate because of a large number (types) of workpieces (high-mix, low-volume).
We do not know what kind of SIer (system integrator) we should ask for automation.
We want to automate existing machines, but we don't know how to do it.
We want to use robots, but we don't have engineers to teach them.
We want to use robots, but we don't have engineers to teach them.

Matsumoto Machine's Smart Terrace AIO solves these problems. As a manufacturer of machine tool peripheral equipment, Matsumoto Kikai has supplied many design chucks, HQJC (automatic jaw change), and NC rotary tables.
With this know-how, we are developing our business as a SIer.

Smart Terrace AIO (Smart Terrace AIO) automation starts with the part that grips (clamps) the workpiece to the machine tool. Even if there are many workpieces, we examine the possibility of automating them one by one.
In some cases, the number of workpieces may be several hundred. In this way, the system is not just a conventional workpiece transfer system, but Matsumoto Machine Tools handles everything from workpiece grasp to machine tool, automatic changeover, robot I/F, workpiece measurement (including correction software to NC), and workpiece cleaning. By having our original (self-developed) robot I/F, Matsumoto Machine is also able to install the robot on existing machines.

We believe that many customers have problems with teaching and robot programming.
Smart Terrace AIO comes as a package. The robot program is incorporated into the robot before shipment. In addition, the robot can be set up vertically on site using the sensor-less automatic teaching (teaching-less) function. Of course, this function is also used by the customer.

The stocker can be selected from three types (S, M, and L) according to the number of stocks and desired continuous operation time.
The multi-stage stocker allows for a maximum of eight unattended nighttime changes per stage.

Note 1: Some restrictions may apply to robot interface depending on NC specifications.
Note 2: Automatic teaching may not be applicable for some workpieces depending on the shape of the workpiece.


robot M10iD/10L M20iD/25 or GP25 M20iD/35 M-710iC/70
No hand change of payload (single) 5.6kg 12kg 22kg 45kg
No hand change of payload (double) 2.8kg x 2 6kg x 2 11kg x 2 22.5kg x 2
With hand exchange of payload (single) 3.6kg 9kg 20kg 50kg
With hand exchange of payload (double) 1.8 x 2kg 4.5 x 2kg 10kg x 2 20kg x 2
Body size W2,550mm D1,460mm H2,200mm W2,550mm D1,460mm H2,200mm W2,550mm D1,460mm H2,200mm W2,550mm D1,460mm H2,200mm
Slide amount 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
Stock area 2 tiers 1.2m² 1.2m² 1.2m² 1.2m²
Stock area 3 tiers 1.8m² 1.8m² 1.8m² 1.8m²
Stock area 4 tiers 2.4m² 2.4m² 2.4m² 2.4m²
Stock area 6 tiers 3.6m² 3.6m² 3.6m² 3.6m²
Stock area 8 tiers 4.8m² 4.8m² 4.8m² 4.8m²