Thank you for coming to MECT2023 and introduction of exhibited products

MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN 2023 held at Port Messe Nagoya on October 18-21, 2023
The exhibition ended with a large number of visitors. Thank you very much for your visit.
It was a great success that exceeded our expectations, and we could not stop excitement for the four days!

The theme of this year's event was machine tool peripherals for variable-type, variable-volume production,
Demonstration of the new Smart Terrace AIO-7 and HQJC chuck,
We also exhibited a variety of peripheral equipment that automate setup exchanges.

Next, we will exhibit at "3TIC Fair 2023" to be held at Yamagata Big Wing on October 27-28!
Please stop by our booth.



NEW ■Outside Workpiece Measuring System

Automatically measures inner and outer diameters

NEW ■Robot hand size measuring device for cylindrical grinder

NEW Automatic Kerret Mounting Device for Cylindrical Grinding Machines

■Automatic set up exchange Robot System for Machine Tools
NEW Smart Terrace AIO-7


Automatic Changeover
NEW HQJC chuck

Automatic Changeover
AJC chuck

■Nail Molding Plate
Replica chuck plate