Exhibition Information  MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN 2021 20 - 23 October

We will exhibit at MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN 2021 to be held at Port Messe Nagoya with the theme of automatic set up and change of machine tool peripheral equipment.

Exhibition Overview

Organised by: News Digest, Inc.
Dates: Wednesday 20 - Saturday 23 October 2021 (4 days)
Venue: Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya City International Exhibition Hall) >>Access
Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00 Friday 22 October until 18:00 Saturday 23 October until 16:00
Admission: 1,000 yen per person, 500 yen per person for groups of 10 or more (all prices include VAT)
Free for pre-registered visitors, overseas visitors and students.
Information on our booth: Hall 1, 1C-73 >>Site map

This year's focus is on.

Demonstration of the new Smart Terrace AIO and linear positioning system
and a range of peripheral equipment to automate the setup and changeover process.
chucking solutions.
We hope you will take this opportunity to visit our booth!

Workshop to be held

Date & Time: Wednesday, 20 October, 14:10-14:50
Venue: Conference Room 4, 3rd floor, Koryu Centre
Workshop theme: "Compact automation system for variable type and variable volume production
Lecturer: Naoki Okuno, General Manager, Development Department, Technology Division


Products to be exhibited


NEW Smart Terrace AIO16

NEW リニアポジショニングシステム




We look forward to seeing you there.