A must-see for the metalworking industry. What is "Smart Terrace", an automatic exchange all-in-one system that can improve productivity and manpower shortage?

Smart Terrace

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Why Chuck Makers Challenge System Integrators

When setting up a system, the first step is to determine the workpiece to be machined.
We start with the most important part: how to chuck the workpiece onto the machine.
Conventional robot system manufacturers (Sier) start from the middle.
Matsumoto Machinery will participate in the development of the spindle chuck of the processing machine, which is the start of the system and is the most important, and will build the system.
By reducing the number of players such as chuck manufacturers, robot system manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers
This also increases the efficiency of the system build." No need to change the ladder program" also eliminates the need for the machine tool manufacturer's software staff to participate.
"We want our customers to be able to move to automation with confidence."
This is the start of a new, never-before-seen automation system.



Smart Terrace enables "high-mix low-volume production automation" with minimal set-up

Compact package system.

Automatic replacement of jaws and workpieces

Jaws exchange repeatability 10μm

Can be connected with a single cable

No need to change the ladder program on the machine tool

2 machine tools can be connected

Can be connected to existing machines, can be moved to another machine