Technical Capabilities of Matsumoto Machine

Term History of Product Development
(June 1948)
* Matsumoto Machine started operations manufacturing chains, gears and machine tools.
1st term
Sep 1960 - Aug 1961
* Started the manufacture and sale of high precision and rigid Matsumoto scroll chucks made of steel body with hardened & ground scroll grooves. (Oct 1960)
The "Matsumoto" brand was started.
2nd term
Sep 1961 - Aug 1962
* Commissioned by the Foundation Technology Committee of the Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association to research into improving the rigidity and accuracy of scroll chucks. (6 committee members visited Matsumoto to observe progress in March 1962.)
* Established the Distributor Association for Matsumoto Chucks.
3rd term
Sep 1962 - Aug 1963
* The MA6-11 scroll chuck was employed as standard on Ikegai's new lathe A-20 for the first time (1963).
4th term
Sep 1963 - Aug 1964
* Started the manufacture and sale of "2J Two-jaw Scroll Chuck" (Design Registration No.249080).
* The MA6-9 and other scroll chucks were employed on Okuma's LS lathes.
5th term
Sep 1964 - Aug 1965
*Started the development, manufacture and sale of "Free Jaw Chuck" for double end center turning such as for shaft work.
6th term
Sep 1965 - Aug 1966
* M-type and #-type scroll chucks and 4-jaw single-action chucks were employed as standard on OKK-RAMO's lathe developed through technical collaborations of OKK and RAMO (France).
7th term
Sep 1966 - Aug 1967
* Manufactured a 40-inch wheel-center lathe chuck driven by a hydraulic motor. It was employed on Ikegai's lathes and delivered to Japanese National Railways.
* The MK-8 and other type scroll chucks were employed as standard on the OKK Japan Cazeneuve lathe.
8th term
Sep 1967 - Aug 1968
* Developed the "MHY Long-stroke Hydraulic Motor Chuck" driven by a hydraulic motor (May 1968).
10th term
Sep 1969 - Aug 1970
* Developed an electrically-powered chuck.
* Developed the MHY-24 large-sized long-stroke hydraulic chuck.
11th term
Sep 1970 - Aug 1971
* Started to deliver the "BERG 3-jaw and 2-jaw Power Chucks" - the Gilde multi-spindle lathe power chuck developed through technical collaborations of Hitachi Seiki and Gildemeister (Germany).
13th term
Sep 1972 - Aug 1973
* Developed an electrically-powered chuck together with Okuma. It was employed as standard on Okuma's NL-type NC lathe.
* Established a mass production system for wedge-type hydraulic chucks. Started to expand distribution.
14th term
Sep 1973 - Aug 1974
* Okuma entered into technical corporation with Forkardt (Germany) on developing a high-speed NC power chuck.
* Matsumoto made a production agreement with Okuma on the above chuck.
15th term
Sep 1974 - Aug 1975
* Started the manufacture of gratings (the covers for road ditches).
* Made an agreement with Yuken to manufacture a fishing machine called the "Squid Fishing Boat Equipment and Speed Reducer."
16th term
Sep 1975 - Aug 1976
* The M-type scroll chuck was employed on Hitachi Seiki's turret lathes. (Hitachi Seiki's own chucks had been used until this time.)
* Developed the "H-type Hollow Hydraulic Chuck" for high-speed and heavy cutting.
The master jaws with double-structured sliding surfaces received high evaluation as a product responding to the need for higher-speeds.
17th term
Sep 1976 - Aug 1977
* HA8-10 (II) chuck was employed as standard on Hitachi Seiki's newly developed 4NE high-speed NC lathe. (It was evaluated as a world-top level chuck as a result of various testing including a durability test of 500,000 revolutions.)
18th term
Sep 1977 - Aug 1978
* Started the commissioned manufacture of Ikegai's "Cutter Head" - a tool post for steel pipe chamfering.
(the 30th company anniversary)
19th term
Sep 1978 - Aug 1979
* Developed and started the sale of "HX" retractable sliding jaw chucks for high-speed and heavy cutting. (Matsumoto's original design)
20th term
Sep 1979 - Aug 1980
* Started the commissioned manufacture of Yuken's "Rotac Oscillating Motor."
21st term
Sep 1980 - Aug 1981
* Developed the "Grasp Force Measuring Instrument."
22nd term
Sep 1981 - Aug 1982
*Made a complementary supply agreement with AUTOBLOK (Italy) on power chucks. Started the import and sale of "GHD/FC-type" counter balance high-speed hydraulic chucks in Japan.
* Developed the NC rotary table in cooperation with SMP (France) and OTT (Germany).
23rd term
Sep 1982 - Aug 1983
* Developed the "AJC Chuck" - automatic jaw change hydraulic chuck. (patent No. 1546419)
* Released the "PD-389" - horizontal power indexer.
24th term
Sep 1983 - Aug 1984
* Started the sale of "U" - the model name changed from the "MHY" long-stroke hydraulic chuck.
25th term
Sep 1984 - Aug 1985
* Developed and started the sale of the "Tilting NC Rotary Table."
26th term
Sep 1985 - Aug 1986
* Completed the automatic chuck jaw change system by combining a rotary table and an AJC chuck.
* Developed the "HPC-type Finger Chuck" for machining aluminum wheels.
27th term
Sep 1986 - Aug 1987
* Developed an eccentric chuck for machining crankshafts.
* Made a technical agreement with LOGANSPORT MACHINE (USA).
* Made tie-up agreement with Atlings (Sweden). Started the import and sale of automatic steady rests.
28th term
Sep 1987 - Aug 1988
* Made an agreement with AA-GAGE (USA) for the exclusive distribution in Japan of high precision index tables for measurement.
(the 40th company anniversary)
29th term
Sep 1988 - Aug 1989
* Developed the "LCS-4 x RN32-2V" eccentric chuck. Delivered together with Nakamura-Tome to one of the biggest car makers in Japan. (patent under application for joint work of the car maker, Nakamura-Tome and Matsumoto.)
30th term
Sep 1989- Aug 1990
* MDAT300S-H tilting table was employed on OKK's newly developed ACM500 multi-functional machine.
31st term
Sep 1990 - Aug 1991
* Commercialized MDH206 high-speed, high-precision NC rotary table. It was employed on Mitsui Seiki's machining centers and showed good results for machining scroll compressors (air-conditioner parts).
32nd term
Sep 1991- Aug 1992
* "Finger Chuck: MTi" developed jointly with ASI (USA) for machining aluminum wheel. Sales started both in USA and Japan.
35th term
Sep 1994 - Aug 1995
* Made a tie-up agreement with NORTHFIELD (USA). Started the import and sale of precision air chucks and diaphragm chucks.
* Obtained CE marking (chuck, cylinder and NC rotary table).
37th term
Sep 1996 - Aug 1997
* Acquired ISO9001.
38th term
Sep 1997 - Aug 1998
* Made a tie-up agreement with FORKARDT (Germany).
Started the complementary supply and sale of 3NHF high-speed chucks and ONHJ hydraulic cylinders manufactured at Matsumoto and supplied to FORKARDT.
(the 50th company anniversary)
39th term
Sep 1998 - Aug 1999
* Developed a non-hydraulic digitally-controlled "NC Chuck" jointly with Hitachi Seiki (joint patent under application).
Started the manufacture and delivery of Hitachi Seiki NC lathes.
40th term
Sep 1999 - Aug 2000
* Started the import and sale of NEIDLEIN's (Germany) "Face Driver."
41st term
Sep 2000 - Aug 2001
* Developed the "Direct Drive NC Rotary Table" - the next generation rotary table.



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