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The following are the recommended plug-in download sites for using the site.

PDF files

Adobe Reader is required to see the PDF files used in the contents.Adobe Reader is available free from Adobe Systems. Please download the latest version.

Video files

The latest Macromedia Flash Player is required for some contents. Macromedia Flash Player is available free from Adobe Systems. Please download the latest version.


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We take great care in every aspect of posting information in the site. However, this does not mean that the content is guaranteed to be precise, useful, reliable, suitable for the requirements of readers or safe (meaning that functioning does not stop, errors do not occur, defects are corrected, or there is no computer virus or other potential trouble in the site or server, etc.). We will not accept responsibility for any incorrectly provided information.
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Use of SSL (encrypted communication)

The secure server, "SSL encrypted communication" provided by VeriSign Japan is used in the site for the purpose of protecting personal and other information so that you can use the site securely.
As a result, the information exchange made between your browser and the site is encrypted and secured preventing leakage to a third party.
It is recommended that readers using a non-compliant browser change to or upgrade to a compliant browser.



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